No need for expensive EB or UV ink! 

We have essentially created the world’s only 2-part ink that can print on anything.   No need for expensive EB ink or UV ink and systems.  It can be mixed press side, integrated with the GFI cartridge systems, or have one of our major ink manufacturer partners pre-mix it for you. 

SpeedyDry High Performance Ink Drier is a revolutionary formula that greatly accelerates the rate drying in inks by catalyzing cross-linking reactions much more effectively than previously existing driers.  The key to our Patented and Award-Winning formula is a new and innovative chemistry that increases the solubility of our catalysts in ink.  This increase in solubility has two important advantages: 1) catalysts are more uniformly distributed closer to cross-linking initiation sites, and 2) drier concentration may be increased substantially without risk of phase separation.

The results of using SpeedyDry include:


  • Compatible with all major conventional Ink brands
  • Increased cross-linking rate
  • Increased cross-link density
  • Reduced dependence on absorption
  • Reduced dependence on evaporation
  • Improved emulsification
  • SpeedyDry dries inks faster than any other drier additive
  • Works on any substrate
  • Tolerant of changes in ink chemistry
  • SpeedyDry has a broad concentration range
  • Add more SpeedyDry for faster results
  • Reduces Chalking and Stripping
  • Does not require activation procedures or special equipment
  • Works on every job when used as directed
  • SpeedyDry shortens completion time
  • SpeedyDry helps achieve proper emulsification and actually improves print quality 



  • Use it for jobs when you need it, add fresh ink right on top when done with difficult jobs without having to reload inks, no down time
  • Faster drying
  • Better immunity to paper pH variations
  • Faster job turnaround
  • Ability to use slower-drying inks
  • Harder ink cure
  • Laser & thermal safe in 24 hours
  • Improved ink solvent and abrasion resistance
  • Better immunity to variations in printing substrate porosity
  • Compatibility with non-porous plastic stocks
  • Wider temperature and humidity tolerance
  • Reduced mechanical dryer temperatures
  • Allows heavier ink film thickness while maintaining dry time
  • Improved print quality
  • Increase your plant capacity without actually building additional floor space
  • Run jobs on the most difficult substrates with confidence and predictability
  • Reduces work-in-process inventory with concurrent improvements in profitability
  • Control of dry time. Add more SpeedyDry and shorten the dry time
  • Allows the workload to be shared by the less experienced press operators
  • Eliminates the need for expensive ink, drying equipment, or other additives
  • Fast turnaround times to customers for rush print jobs


Make you rich and famous – Not yet, believe me, we’re working on it!

What’s your type?  
SpeedyDry works on any type of stock you want to throw at it. We like to say, “Give us your worst job, and we’ll fix it for you!”
Felt Stock – To get good coverage, ink has to be packed onto the sheet to fill the valleys. More ink = longer dry times. SpeedyDry solves this problem by maintaining heavier ink film thickness without sacrificing extra time drying.
Gloss Coated Stock – This stock allows ink to set and dry quickly. By using SpeedyDry you get harder rub and scratch resistance.
Matte Coated Stock – Acidic stock. Due to lower PH levels in the stock, ink has a hard time drying. Usually the vehicle will absorb too quickly into the stock, and the pigment is left on the surface causing chalking. With SpeedyDry the ink pigment is bound to the vehicle, and chalking is eliminated. *Double Bonus* dry times are dramatically reduced.
Synthetic Substrates – Think good old Reflex Blue on Yupo – a printer’s nightmare. No problem with SpeedyDry. Rub resistance is greatly increased along with increased adhesion and faster set times. This can be done without expensive UV & EB inks or systems.
Uncoated Substrates – Typically very acidic. Fast absorption rates on acidic stocks mean the vehicle can penetrate the paper without properly binding to the pigment. SpeedyDry binds the ink pigment to the vehicle ensuring that the entire
Ink film thickness is completely dry.
Label Stocks – Slow to dry because of low absorbency of ink to substrate. If not printed on a UV or EB system, these runs will take a long time to dry or you end up paying a lot for a specialty ink. With SpeedyDry, run your job at recommended concentrations and when you are finished you don’t have to worry about reloading inks – just add conventional ink right back in the ink fountain and keep on rolling – no down time!

Carton/Board Stock – Normally, the vehicle absorbs too quickly to the paper, and thus the pigment is left sitting on top. Result, chalking, again. Not with SpeedyDry.


Folding Carton/PolyBoard (Food Packaging) – No problem, We’ve got you covered. Check out our migration testing, Certificates, and 3rd Party Test Reports under “WHY”


Foil Stamping (Also laser and thermal safe) – If ink is not cured properly, it will be too soft for a good foil release. SpeedyDry completely cures the ink for a hard ink surface. The harder the surface the better the stock will accept the foil. 

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