SpeedyDry Testimonials

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“We at QUEBECOR have been using SpeedyDry since August 2004. We use it for matte stocks and heavy solids; we also use SpeedyDry when running offset cover weight stock. As a busy commercial printer, there are certainly times SpeedyDry lets us adhere to our ever changing production schedule. We at Quebecor have been very pleased with the results SpeedyDry has given us.”
Richard S., Director of Manufacturing
Quebecor – Toronto, ONT, Canada
“We are a pretty good size commercial shop running all types of jobs. We run on a two-color 40”, a five-color 29”, and 4 six-color Quickmasters all with coaters. We print matte jobs, bumper stickers, and just about everything else you can think of. Turn time is as critical as it has ever been. My guys have come to love SpeedyDry. We have it on every press in the shop. They trust it. At first, everyone was skeptical of the claims the product makes, but now they believe!”
Richard L., Production Manager
Linemark Printing– Largo, MD, USA
“We ran solid reflex blue on an uncoated sheet and 1.5 hours later varnished and sent it to cutting. We had a lot of happy sales people and cutter operators.”
Frank K., President
​Colorado Litho – Westminster, CO, USA
With SpeedyDry you can back-up jobs immediately after printing first side with basic book/bond stocks without offsetting, and you can even print on synthetics without buying special inks. Roger from Pressavers
Thank you Roger from SpeedyDry!

Stock Manufacturers

International Paper

“No other drier, in all my years of printing, is able to do what SpeedyDry does. We have recommended this drier in very case to solve an ink/stock drying issue. Once printers use SpeedyDry, it becomes the mainstay drier. Reflex Blues and matte finish papers, for example, become much easier to work with as far as ink drying is concerned . . . This is a product I clearly recommend to printers on a constant basis to help with quicker turn times.”
James K., Graphic Arts and Printing Specialist

​International Paper


“Several Yupo printers have stated that using SpeedyDry greatly reduces their drying time and increases adhesion when printing on plastics.”
Dave J., Technical Service Manager, Commercial Print Division
YUPO Corporation America


“SpeedyDry does just what its name implies It speeds up drying using conventional oil based inks. By adding SpeedyDry you reduce the drying time dramatically and increase rub resistance. This works on all the substrates that my customers have tried it on. By adding SpeedyDry to conventional ink you produce ink that dries quicker, and at a lower price than 100% oxidizing inks. In addition, it does not dry on the rollers like oxidizing inks and you don’t have to clean out the ink wells when done – just add fresh conventional ink when SpeedyDry is not needed anymore. I have customers that have been able to produce jobs using SpeedyDry that they were never able to produce using any other product.”
Chuck S., Technical Service Manager

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