Why Use SpeedyDry?


It will help you to rule the world!, . . . well, maybe your local printing world, is that good enough?






  1. Triple your load heights. How much easier does that make your life, huh?  ex. 24pt C1S normally 500 sheets, with SpeedyDry 1500 Sheets
  2. Increase Quality – Reduce Printer Error’s (PE’s) or botched jobs by >50% – what does that do for your bottom line? – Hey Boss – I deserve a raise!
  3. Excess powder in Bindery – What is easier to clean? the press or powder out of the bindery?
  4. No need for UV or EB inks – use it only when you need it without reloading inks.
  5. Save money and time – much cheaper than UV & EB (not as fast but pretty darn close) check out the following link before committing to these systems:

SpeedyDry is the best insurance policy you can buy as a commercial printer. It’s like a safety net. We make one product line and we do it better than anyone else.
Award Winning and Patented: No other ink additive had ever been considered for; much less received an lntertech Technology Award for Innovative Excellence™. SpeedyDry is a recipient.
Consistency: Printers can run tough jobs knowing they will get the desired results
every time.
Compatibility: Our product works with all different brands of oil, acrylic, soy, metallic, and rubber based ink. We advise you use LOW-V.O.C. ink when printing on synthetic substrates.
Specialty and Synthetic stocks: Printers can now use SpeedyDry to print on these difficult stocks without expensive UV & EB consumables or systems.
Reflex Blues: This ink has been a pain for a long, long time but man it sure looks good. SpeedyDry will dry Reflex Blue on the most difficult substrates in a matter of hours.
SpeedyDry = Goof proof. The more one uses the faster the dry time.
However, don’t use it in oxidising inks you’ll be scrubbing rollers – not fun.•Water: SpeedyDry loves water but will oxidize by itself.
Humidity problems eased: SpeedyDry will react with the water vapor in a more humid environment to increase the set and dry times.
Wash-up: Nothing changes. Press operators do not need to do anything different
from their normal end-of-day clean up. Not going to lie to you, You do have to clean up though. Either you clean up the press or have to run extra powder when not using SpeedyDry and end up trashing your bindery.
•Stay open qualities: Conventional inks mixed with SpeedyDry exhibit better stay
open properties than most so called ‘specialty or oxidizing’ inks.
Laser and thermal safe: Ink will be laser and thermal safe in 24hrs.
Aqueous & UV Coating: SpeedyDry is fully coatable. In fact, printers have been
able to run overprints on aqueous and UV coated jobs using our product.
Quality: SpeedyDry will not negatively affect the job in any manner.
Inventory: Eliminate expensive ‘stock specific ink inventory or products. Printers can use conventional inks to run on multiple substrates without spending time and money switching out chemistry and ink on the press.
Increase Plant Capacity – Increase your throughput or floor space without building on to your plant. Faster dry times = faster to bindery = faster out the door.
Dry times: Achieve up to a 75% reduction in dry times on most substrates.


Contact one of our Distributors or us (under “WHERE”) and we can explain to you how purchasing SpeedyDry returns 5X your money – No Bull.The results of using our product include:

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