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Welcome to the SpeedyDry webshop. Just select the product you want, and add it to your cart. Do you need any help or want to get in touch with us? Please send an e-mail to order@speedydry.com.


What’s your type?
SpeedyDry can be used on any type of stock you can think of. “Give us your worst job, and we’ll fix it for you!” we like to say.

Felt Stock
In order to produce good coverage, the ink must be pushed into the valleys of the sheet. Longer drying times are associated with more ink. SpeedyDry solves this problem by allowing for a thicker ink layer thickness without requiring additional drying time.

Gloss Coated Stock
This type of paper helps ink to dry quickly. You can gain more scratch and rub resistance by applying SpeedyDry.

Matte Coated Stock – Acidic stock.
Matte Coated Stock is an acidic stock with a matte finish. Ink has a hard time drying due to the lower PH levels in the stock. Typically, the vehicle absorbs too fast into the stock, leaving the pigment on the surface, resulting in chalking. The ink pigment is linked to the carrier with SpeedyDry, and chalking is eliminated. Dry times are drastically decreased as an added bonus.

Synthetic Substrates
Think of Reflex Blue on Yupo, which is a printer’s nightmare. With SpeedyDry, you won’t have any issues. Rub resistance is significantly improved, along with adhesion and set times. This can be accomplished without the use of costly UV and EB inks or equipment.

Uncoated Substrates
Acidic in nature. On acidic stocks, fast absorption rates indicate that the vehicle can pass through the paper without adequately binding to the pigment. The ink pigment is bound to the vehicle by SpeedyDry, guaranteeing that the whole thickness of the ink layer is dry.

Label Stocks
Due to the low absorption of the ink to the substrate, they take a long time to dry. These runs will take a long time to dry if they are not printed on a UV or EB system, or you will end up paying a lot for a specialist ink. Run your job at suggested concentrations with SpeedyDry, and when you’re done, don’t worry about reloading inks — simply refill the ink fountain with regular ink and keep rolling With no downtime!

Carton/Board Stock
In most cases, the vehicle penetrates too fast into the paper, leaving the pigment on the surface. As a result, we’re back to chalking. With SpeedyDry, such is not the case.

Foil Stamping (also laser and thermal safe)
If the ink isn’t properly cured, it will be too soft to release the foil. SpeedyDry cures the ink entirely, resulting in a firm ink surface. The stock will accept the foil better if the surface is tougher.

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